VERTIKAL Corporation
An Engineering and Technical Solutions Company. 
Vertikal was founded on the belief that a well informed perspective of the future is a necessary component of responsible design and planning today. Our team of career engineering and industry professionals combine this understanding with evoked vision to create unique engineering solutions with a mind focused on responsible and innovative technical craft.  ​
We are located in Garrett County, MD on the central ridge of the Appalachian Plateau. Our roots are here, and we believe that the region is a great place to live, do business, and make contribution. From the commerce of local businesses to the student products of our local universities and colleges, we aim to work with and offer the services that are necessary for building strength of community and provide opportunity for STEM graduates.

We are a MD registered Professional Engineering Firm, but it doesn't stop there. We understand the range of challenges associated with any project and pride ourselves as offering much more than engineering.  We are committed to the highest standards of enterprise and are here to help with any design challenge, fabrication project, code compliance, or related professional needs. We can!

Mike Bishoff, Professional Engineer
President and Founder

What We Do
    We translate sketch concepts to electrons. Bring us your ideas, we'll turn them into the virtual reality necessary for today's automated manufacturing processes.
    Make sure it works. Today's engineering and numerical analysis tools allow virtual testing and design in the lab. Vertikal's engineering staff can help make sure it's right.
    Our staff has over 60 years of combined engineering and project management experience, developed numerous products, and carried out a diverse portfolio of projects.
    Industrial processes are all about order. Bring your product stream into reality or increase productivity with our help. We have a network of resources to get over the hurdles between need and fulfillment.
  5. Project Management
    From concept to final product, we can help - timelines, coordination, build, execution. It's all part of what we do.
    Our broad engineering, energy sector, and industrial background gives us valuable perspective and insight. Let us help.
We Can
  1. Machine Design
    Machine Design
    Need a machine? We can design and build it.
  2. Framed structure
    Framed structure
    Custom designed structures.
  3. Mechanical Assemblies
    Mechanical Assemblies
    Design for strength and efficiency using analytics.
  4. Railing by Sky Forge
    Railing by Sky Forge
    Synthesis of science and the Arts is a seminal partnership. If you can conceive it, we can create it.
  5. Energy
    Energy makes our world better and brings us together.
Let’s Connect
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For Engineering and Machine Building Services
Get Mike!  [email protected] 1.301.616.2115
 For Automation and CADD Services
Get Terry!  [email protected]  1.240.321.6315 
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